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Your Cosmetic Dentistry Checklist

January 12, 2023 1:57 pm

Is one of your 2023 goals to enjoy whiter, more beautiful teeth? Elyson Family Dental can help! We offer a number of cosmetic services that can improve the appearance of your smile.

Schedule a consultation

First, you should schedule a consultation with our dental office to learn more about the types of treatments we offer. We will assess your smile and recommend a personalized treatment plan based on your needs, goals, and budget. For example, KöR professional teeth whitening can brighten up your smile by removing deep discolorations. Porcelain veneers can permanently fix chips, cracks, unevenness, and small gaps by bonding to the front surfaces of your teeth.

Budget accordingly

While routine and restorative treatments are covered at least partially by dental insurance, cosmetic services often are not. At Elyson Family Dental, we don’t want cost to be prohibitive for our patients. We proudly offer flexible financing to make treatments not covered by dental insurance as affordable as possible. Moreover, during your initial consultation, we will go over the projected out-of-pocket cost of your treatment so there are no surprises.

Follow through with next steps

The effectiveness of a cosmetic treatment is truly up to you. After receiving a professional teeth whitening treatment, it’s best to limit foods and beverages (like coffee and tea) that can stain your teeth so your treatment lasts longer. If you start orthodontic services, there may be special changes you need to make, such as brushing your teeth more often and switching out your clear aligners for new ones as directed.

Maintain good oral health habits

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile! Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, floss at least once a day, maintain a balanced diet, and see your dentist twice a year for routine cleanings and examinations. Elyson Family Dental offers general and restorative dental services in addition to our cosmetic treatments so you can take care of all of your oral healthcare needs under one roof!

Affordable cosmetic dentistry in Katy, TX

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a dental office that offers comprehensive dental treatments, including cosmetic services, with flexible financing options! Please contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation. We look forward to your visit!


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